My bad.

i can hear a 2 step influence in Bloom
but it’s hardly dubstep imo

& I like wierd & wonderful (progressive?)
and beatless if beatific

but I’m with swurfer
dubstep is preferable with a danceable beat
and further,
it’s not actual dubstep if it doesn’t stimulate movement
even if it’s internalized.
I never did come at this ambient dubstep descriptor
jeez; nod, skip, swing, step, skank, headbang, whatever
is an essential response to dubstep.

or maybe I’m referring to good dubstep.

it has prominent bass and is around the 140bpm mark
there was a time when it was all you needed to be considered dubstep
not sure i’d skank to it but i would deffo nod and even possibly swing


he just gave away free focus for free :eyes:

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on his fb?

This is called the Madshitification of Dubstep, son.

But 4real - I know that Gantz is part of the same loose crew as iSkeletor, my favorite DJ atm Howl, etc. - and those peeps are srsly at the bleeding edge of the Madshit. Not surprising.

In fact it’s p perfect that the most forward thinking music around right now (imho) is coming from some kind of fucked up countries (WWWings are Russian/Ukrainian, iSkeletor is Turkish, Sd Laika is from fuckin’ Milwaukee lol).

nvm found it

Oops yeah, sorry for the late response:/

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No excuses :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i’d forgotten there was an original free focus at this point lol…

some1 ask for u won’t mind vip


My excuse is that I’ve turned notifications off haha

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Ooooor Against the Tide Gantz remix

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Why mp3? Why. I wanted to cut this. :crying:

U can cut 320s no probs

no one besides the guys at the cutting house would ever know tbh


Yessss. :hooray:

Funnily enough i had asked this exact question earlier today at dubstudio and they said it’s not a problem to cut a 320


You can get away with it, but just remember you’ll be letting Mala down


-3 truhed points


Don’t make the Lord cry