yeah agreed

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He should just release Exile and You Won’t Mind VIP and move on to something totally different imho…

I think he’s a leader in that way. Like a lot of people used to just get baiter and baiter, but he’s the antithesis of that. He’ll be an underground legend by the time he’s dead probably.
It’s great because from track to track you really can hear him pushing himself, his sound, and the sound, a little further.


maybe, but my personal focus as a punter is always on ‘club’ music that has a beat and wont make everyone run out of the dance screaming. Fair do’s if he’s going down that ‘producer becomes bored and pushes the boundaries of the genre’ route, but i lose interest when there is no longer a decent beat/bassline tbh


Couldn’t agree more

ye respect, like the opposite of the kahn - make constant bangers - route

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I think there is though. It’s certainly a very complex beat, bassline, and general textural arrangement, but with tracks like that it doesn’t really make much sense to pick it apart so that when you think of something like “beat” you only consider the percussive drum sounds. It’s not really a beat, it’s just a rhythmic arrangement made of various sounds. They aren’t all percussive, but various elements are contributing to the overall rhythm and groove of the track. Not just drum kits and dominant bass synths. It’s a bigger picture kind of thing, imo.

Personally, when I go to a club I don’t mind, and often enjoy, those moments where I can’t physically take to the music, I can just listen and sit down/stand still. Sometimes you really just have to feel it through.

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i personally didnt like it. the beginning was to repetitive for me and didnt seemed sync as it should… or it didnt completely get me at the feels, felt out of placee//. BUT i really do enjoy Gantz as an artist… i have mixed a few of his tracks =]. does he have anything related to the Anime? i got some sweet Techno Akira… but man GANTZ in dub formed… DROOLS…

This. He could make Spry Sinister style bangers all day but he really tries to push himself. I respect that a lot.
Never met someone that takes music so seriously and themselves so not seriously.


call me a pagan but i’m all about the bangers


Couldn’t agree more! I’ve the same feeling.

By the way currently there is this new trend in 140 music to do weird shit (Crucial, Encrypted, Blacklist etc.) But imo very often the tracks become so twisted or creepy it just seems forced and done just for the sake of sounding odd. They have no soul and as a result they are completely unpleasant to listen to.

Not about Gantz but I think it’s related so just my two cents…


Eh I think everyone is hopping on the Gantz sound bandwagon

More free weirdness from the man:

Raiden Suit


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Wonder if the recent exodus of Turkish artists emigrating elsewhere includes man…


yaaaaaasssss :hooray:


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You just can’t say you like a person’s music without being called a bandwagoner these days. Apparently, if you say you don’t like it, you’re on the same bandwagon.

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fairly sure he meant it as a response to the previous post about the new trend in dubstep of making increasingly weird stuff

My bad.

i can hear a 2 step influence in Bloom
but it’s hardly dubstep imo

& I like wierd & wonderful (progressive?)
and beatless if beatific

but I’m with swurfer
dubstep is preferable with a danceable beat
and further,
it’s not actual dubstep if it doesn’t stimulate movement
even if it’s internalized.
I never did come at this ambient dubstep descriptor
jeez; nod, skip, swing, step, skank, headbang, whatever
is an essential response to dubstep.

or maybe I’m referring to good dubstep.