Gas Pedal - Aorick Remix (Trap/Dirty Dubstep)

So far I’ve been working on putting the wobbles together. I’m not satisfied with the overall sound when I compare it to other artist out there. I can’t place my finger on it. Am I lacking mid range, maybe to much in the above 10khz range?. I’m at the point where if I keep tweaking it I ruin the balance overall. What can you recommend be added/taken away.

The overall mixdown is good, the first thing I notice in this particular tune is that it’s a bit lacking in the sub bass area. The kick is dominating over the sub but it should be the other way around or they could even be equally aggressive. A good sub really ‘hugs’ the whole sound and makes it far more thicker. You can sidechain the sub to hide itself under the kick if you want to keep the bass punch of the kick or you can just cut off some low hz off of it so it doesn’t interfere with the sub.

I’m sure there are better ways to technically describe what I’m trying to say but this is the best I can do. :slightly_smiling:

You could also try putting a bit of distortion on the sub bass to exaggerate it a bit. Not enough to make it sound like a lawn mover, but just to give it a little boost.

Also maybe put some more layers on the snare? maybe a subtle distortion on there as well?

I know what you mean. I have compression sidechaining on the bass with the threshold set low so there isnt a huge ducking effect. Do you think volume sidechaining would work better?

I don’t know, it might, it doesn’t always work well in my experience.

I use a cut off filter sidechain, so it just cuts the low hz away from the sub to give room for the kick when needed

Never thought of that for sidechaining. I’ll have to try it out. There’s so many ways to accomplish it but which one works best in this situation haha