Gdon - seethe [unfinished / dubstep] (feedback?)

finally had time to boot up ol’ ableton again and work on an old stub i had laying around, i might have posted it earlier on the old forum but i cant remember

i feel like there is something missing as I do with all my tracks, I have other patterns and sounds in mind for the drop already, however I’m too lazy to perfect em atm… Snare is also kinda empty imo and the tail could be adjusted a fair bit i guess. lmk what you think


pretty good man, sounds are good and the mix down is pretty decent too. only thing is, it was getting a little bit stale towards the end. Think you need to mix it up a bit more as the tune progesses

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Only thing I’m not sure about is that drone pad sound in the intro and that comes in after 16 bars of drop.

Loving the wobs though

^ +1

Drums sound tight. Maybe change up the track after the break?

pretty solid, generally agree with the other comments :slight_smile: