Gear Lust Part 7


Loads of people have used it over the years.

Seminal, yes. Sounds great? Sounds decent, gets the job done. It’s no Neve or anything but it works. Blue collar mixer. Was revolutionary for me at that time and still a very functional tool in my studio although some of my pots are getting scratchy, but I’ve had it since 1999…


I really like my EPM8. It sounds good. Useable preamps. But if I had bucks for a mixer I’d like one with individual outs and some sub groups w/ outs (at the least the groups with outs). Also lit, usable channel mute buttons!


Dude, you’ve got to have indi outs and some auxes, at least 4. My itb projects usually have one reverb send and one delay send that everybody goes to. That’d be 4 auxes right there.


yo, you mf’er, how’d you get lengman?


Because this was my first mixer.



Here is my first mixer beyond a 4 track.


SQ-1 just arrived!! It’s a hefty little thing despite how small it is. I might get to actually play with it in a few months.


@mks very nice man : ) curious to know how you like it!

Anyone know of a modern, inexpensive spring reverb unit? Honestly I’m having trouble deciphering whether the cheap units on ebay are replacement parts for amps or units I can use independently…

I seem to remember someone posted a >30USD spring reverb or a DIY kit some years ago on DSF but I can’t find it now…


This is what I got peeps, first jam on the SQ-1, lo fi style, recorded to 3gp on my phone. VLC is a great open source media player that will play this type of file. Some browsers, like Firefox can play it for you, they will just ask to you enable a plugin, it is called vlc web.

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Firefox didn’t want to open it in browser, just wanted me to save it. I’ll try updating FF later : ) If not I have VLC already. Truth…its the best media player


Sweeeet dude.

Okay, swear I’m not a Volca Sample sales man, but you could take that^ to the next level, like in terms of structure and evolution.


Yeah, I think the Sample is the next Volca I’m going to get.


Sounds good though, dude.


Hey, seriously. That is a lengman mixer I posted up there. I WANT LENGMAN!


Loving the Electribe 2. Haters gonna hate. Finally bringing the dream alive…doing a sweaty one-man in my garage sound system this summer.

Electribe, iPad, KP3, mixer, Alesis 3630, and I really want a Spring Reverb to go with this. I’m going to rock it on a thrift store amp and speakers…OH! and my bud suggested I through a mic into the mix to record the room and mix that into the recording for super lo fi goodness!

So…again…anyone know of a lo-fi cheap ass spring reverb? Can I just use any old tank on a send…how does this shit work?

I’m a lazy tnuc


My homie seriously just had a spring reverb taken out of a guitar amp and just plugged into that. It was like sitting on a shelf or something. It sounded good.


My only experience with a spring reverb was in my guitarists old fender practice amp. Sounded really good, actually. Fucking guy would play gigs with that thing, he just liked the sound. I bet you could find an old used one for near free.


Thanks ya’ll. I might take a chance on a cheap tank then…thing is none of them seem to have power cords and I didn’t know what to make of that…

I’ll report back. And I am truly grateful (really, I mean it, I’m not shitting you…ya’ll are always super helpful!). Big ups ya’ll…I always feel like I don’t have enough knowledge to return all the favors of advice I get here!



I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to start selling off some gear (Fender Guitar, 2-3 midi keyboards, maybe even my 6 month old iPhone6+) to finance a Moog Sub 37. £1300 / €1790 is a pretty hefty price to pay for something I quite frankly can do without while I’m studying. Should invest in a bigger external screen really… but the sub 37… :heart_eyes: