Gear Lust Part 7


This guy’s pretty funny, looks proper wired like the son of a Prodigy member





apparently its a leaked image of an image of a new volca that uses breadboard jumper cables

(not confirmed real by anyone official, but looks p legit to me)

wonder how it would interface with the Folktek modules that use the same cables



Woiiiiiii AKAI APC Live - standalone ableton live


it was real

sounds ok in the demo video, not fully impressed tbh, that being said its prob very fun to play around with


The fact that they are calling it a West Coast style synthesizer means only one thing even if they don’t mention it.

West Coast synthesis means one thing. Buchla.

It looks like you are going to need a magnifying glass to patch it.

I have been having a bit of fun with this lately:



not hearing any vactrol-y goodness in those demos, big misstep if they made LPG’s without vactrols…


I think you are correct in lack of vactrol based lpgs, not hearing that plucky sound at all


I have not heard of vactrols or low pass gates. West Coast synthesis is something else.


while finding a video for you i came across this and it gave me some gear lust, fitting for the thred

(not vry ‘west coast’ tho haha)


What was that other video? I started watching then paused it. In the meantime you changed it.



I’ve been thinking about this for sooo loong. I didn’t ever get rid of my gear tho, still own em. I have an orange tiny terror tube amp and a fender 2 x 12" cabinet waiting at my parents for me to pick em up. now if I only had the motivation


yeah kind of a shame tbh, you really should pick those up. even if you dont wanna play guitar, ive been getting a lot out of running synths and drums through an amp

started buying parts last week or else i’ll never get started, might post progress of the build if anyones interested. still cant decide on the cab though, either doing a 2x12" or a 1x15"


sick, are you gonna use a breadboard type thing/custom pcb? or is it all point to point wiring?


yup most of the components are on eyelet board like this. everything else like the tubes, pots, and transformers is p2p

an actual pcb would probably be easier/faster/smaller/quieter, but not great for mods/fixes. also want to keep it somewhat authentic so i can sell it if i get sick of it lol


Sick, I’m thinking about building a valve preamp for my bass so I can record it direct