Gear Lust Part 7


get a load of that marketing material pls


:joy: the bit where he’s sitting there uncomfortably trying to hold his smart phone while simultaneously playing the watch keyboard…and it never dawned on them just make a smart phone app :roll_eyes:


That’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.



500 for a 1200 is worth the curse imo


How much did the re-issues go for? It has USB.


been getting back into guitar, need a proper amp

anyone here play? @mks what’s your grail tone lol, might do a fender bassman but I also want a mesa mk iic+ for reasons that @_ronzlo would not approve of


Haha wut



Hard to go wrong with a Fender Twin for tone but depends on what you want out of it. Different colors… like there’s a time and place for a Pignose, Vox AC130, etc.


I need that rhythm guitar tone on master of puppets / ajfa haha


I don’t know m8, just started playing guitar a month ago, but have played bass for a long time. I ended up buying Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro during the November sales.

Been getting some crazy tones out of that. I’ve also been practicing out of my small bass practice amp. It sounds decent enough. I’ve been trying to practice with a clean sound to hear all of the notes but it is fun to let it rip with lots of distortion.


see some 70s models going for as much as it would cost to diy the whole amp + cab hmmmm

was kind of hoping to just do the preamp, then power amp and cab instead of dropping that much $ at once but now im tempted


lol i play through i bass amp too when i dont feel like using the computer

nice pedals, might get a muff or some sort of fuzz soon


You can probably get that out of Guitar Rig 5. It does simulations of those amps and cabs plus lots of effects.

Also check out Amp + Cabinet in Ableton. Just started playing around with that recently. It is made by Softube.


Yeah, I bought the Big Muff Pi and the Rat for my bass and synths, never really thinking I would end up getting a guitar.


I also think you more than likely have enough skill to build a nice cab on your own tbh. It takes consistency and a multimeter but if you’ve handbuilt audio stuff before it’s relatively easy. Buying a nice amp to drive it is a good plan.

Bass cab with a splitter to run parallel fx = :fire:
Bass AND guitar cabs with a splitter to each = :fire: :fire:


yeah i use all of those

emissary is free and really good for over the top tube dist. bias amp is good if youre willing to crack it, with IRs you can get really close to the real thing


im actually more intimidated by building a cab than an amp, was probably gonna do the reverse and clone an amp / buy a cab (cheaper too). if i did something classic like a bassman or a twin id probably be doing an injustice to not build a matched cab though

gonna hurt the neighbors but definitely trying this as soon as i can


come up to the bay and take my marshall valvestate 8100 amp head 4 free, its taking up too much space here

i took the spring reverb out of it tho haha


damn thats one of few marshalls i really like, forgot you had that. hope you know how seriously i might take you up on that, probably heading up to cupertino for work in the next couple months lol

should bring you something decent to trade for it :wink:


yeah man just lmk and its yours, I used it on a few tunes running drums through it but its mostly just sitting under my bed sad and unused.

used it on this