Gear Lust Part 7


Looks good cheers but I know to read schematics and map it out on Eagle, you know that software? I can etch my own boards and all, fuck my teachers were cool letting me do that


Game changer?


At that price point I could only see it being a game changer if the interface part was pretty solid and had a workflow geared toward vinyl sampling… but then I’m not a DJ.


no laptop needed? just bring some records :badteeth:




That actually looks really rad. Awful demo tho lol


Right did you see his bro one video pure shit lol. Behringer has really been stepping their shit up. Who would have thought.


Yeah haha, I mean its cool in a way, since he’s showing some of the basic sounds from the oscillator and not really trying to make it sound good…but also, fuckin hell lol


yeah, understanding eagle/reading schematics and knowing how to actually design analogue audio circuits are two very different things…

but if you already have that down, then fair play to ya

lets hear what you got


Hmm yeah that is true but I can learn how to design stuff over time. I’ll probably stick to cloning and tinkering with established designs to begin with, like I have an idea for a Big Muff pedal with a fuck load of mods for more tonal variety beyond the Russian/American versions.

What I’m much more keen on doing is building my own sound system with valve amps for the bass and mids. I’m going to start with a headphone amp to get an idea of how they work before scaling up. That’ll take a lot of calculations for integrating it with the speakers and preamp etc so it’ll be a fair few years before I get something ready for a night and even then it’ll most likely be more for ‘the small room’ lol


OMG so offended :laughing:

I never said I actually know it all now hence…

Watch this space :twothumbsup: I was doing a lot of research on guitar amps and stuff plus I used to hang out on a lot so I do have a rudimentary knowledge of what’s required. I do really want to build a valve preamp for my bass too, when I start my dissertation I’ll have more time to think about it but I’m not in a rush really


^this post is actually 100% of what i was talking about…

well 66%, missing the frustrated misogyny of the other 33%



show me what you’re made of @Test , any ideas for tube amp mods? I got a few basic ones planned (fx loop, negative feedback pot), but want to do something more exotic with the extra channel and/or the two tubes it’s supposed to use

edit: sorry, “valves” in goblinspeak


@cyclopian don’t worry, I understand you care and thanks for your concern but this is the internet though and I’m so blasé because it’s so disconnected from actual life lol

Phigure when you say mods do you means changes to standard models or unusual novel features that most don’t have? If I bought a JCM800 (big if there!) I’d change the bias on the power valves to put KT88s in, same with the Mesa Boogie Mark series. Is this just for a head with a cab separate? I’d personally do that so you connect different speakers later, have different ohmage connections with a transformer that’ll let you connect 4/8/16 ohms etc. You could also add something to switch between power amp classes if you can put two valves in, so like A single-ended, A push-pull and AB push-pull though you’d have to design accordingly for each class. I think Mesa Boogie’s Mark series’ parallel A single-ended pentodes and AB push-pull tetrodes power amps are really cool and it’s a pity they patented it because it stops other manufacturers using the concept with different valves… I wonder what 2 KT88s push-pull with 5 EL84s class A would sound like, bigger pentodes for class A would be better and I’d want something different to the EL34 anyway but I haven’t looked into that much - probably too complicated for me to work out parallel power amps anyway.


Oh yeah you could also have both a diode and valve rectifier that you could switch between.

Extra channel though… Like the Lo/Hi gain ones with an extra valve for the Hi one? I think I read that instead of putting an extra ECC83 on the Hi like a lot of models have putting an ECC81 in ‘tightens’ the sound. Like all these different variations probably aren’t going to make a big difference on their own though right? It’s using them in combination that’ll make the biggest difference


Valves are slightly microphonic, meaning they transduce the air vibrations into electrical current. Not sure if it is a good idea to base a sound system’s amplifier around them, especially the bass.


hi/los are just different impedances, i mean a “normal” channel vs one that gets trem, reverb, an extra preamp tube. I mean it’s technically cleaner but I’d rather just use it for something cool. will probably just fuck around with the tone filters if I can’t think of anything

simulclass is sick, didn’t know they were patent hogs about it tho, kinda wondered why more amps don’t have that.

building a combo but my transformer has multiple output taps (4/8/16) so definitely adding them. also the ecc81 in the preamp, needed one for the reverb driver anyways so I copped an extra.


Yeah sorry I meant gain stages, like the JCM800 has an extra triode on the Hi input (brief description @

What reverb are you putting on it? Spring so you can get your surf on?

@knobgoblin I know but a lot of the early sound systems used big triodes designed for radio broadcasts. They either didn’t have a problem or didn’t mind but I have thought about how to minimise it, maybe some kind of ‘floating’ harness like what Japanese delivery bikes have


have you made any actual trax on this that are online? would like to hear


most of the synthy bits in this one are from the modular

but I use it on most of my tracks these days for one thing or another. Have some really good sounding effects in the rack as well.

Here’s some bits from working on my forthcoming album of all hardware shite