Gear Lust Part 7


and things like this little contact mic module i use constantly just to build up sounds and fx

sorry for so many linkz, i wish dsf didn’t embed the links like this


Holy shit this stuff sounds amazing, makes me want to run out and buy tonnes :rofl:


A fun trick I discovered a few years back: make a free floating contact mic, plug it into the feedback return on the doepfer spring verb. Caress spring with contact mic at different points along the spring. Enjoy.


most of the ‘good’ stuff youre hearing is because of this wonderful module from Erica Synths not my own doing haha, I can’t stress enough how much I like their stuff

I also added an upgrade eprom chip into the module which adds beat slicing and stuff like that, so fun running an amen through


dude! i’ve done this already haha, i had some fun plugging a contact mic into most inputs on my euro

using the mikrophonie is even better since it has a gain knob on the contact mic input for better control


I love it. Very playable, tunable screeching feedback synth.
I’ve often wondered what an e-bow would do with the spring verb


do e-bows actually work in general? I’ve always wondered haha


also, when i modified my doepfer spring reverb to move the rca in/outs to a blank front panel since the doepfer modules are too deep for my rack, i somehow introduced a massive amount of interference and noise into the circuit unless the reverb tank is like 3 feet away from the rack. Its great, its clean when far, insane noise source when moved closer haha

(got the marshall spring tank there to hook into when needed as well)


Might double check that there isn’t a cold solder point on the ground?


no cold joints, I think its the fact that the ins/outs are running on 18awg up right past the pcb instead of being relatively isolated down at the bottom of the board before

pretty sure the 18 gauge wire is an antennae now haha

its just as clean as before the mod when i move the tank far enough away from the rack tho, so im not exactly sure what’s going on, but it works and i enjoy the negative symptoms when i want them, actually used it as a noise source on a few tunes already


Would adding a layer of heat shrink reduce the interference?



might be worth a try if i wanted to fix it, not sure how much wire insulation really would shield interference though, i think the interference is coming from the wires coming vertically past the pcb when the termination used to be at the bottom of the module

edit: ah saw your edit, yeah that might work tbh, but i honestly am happy with how it works now, its clean when the tank is in it’s current position and works as a noise source when its not, added functionality imo :slight_smile: (actually had some fun passing the noise to an eg for some high hats a while back, not great hat sounds but was fun)

the a-199 isn’t exactly a super clean spring verb in the 1st place haha, pretty dutty lil module

I want to add a switch on the blank plate and run rca to the other tank I have so i can just switch em on the fly without replugging now


Yeah, the standard tank is so tiny and sproingy, cool but limited sound. I really need to get a bigger tank for mine. When you do that mod, might as well give the conductive heat shrink thing a try, but also, added functionality as a noise source is always good :cowboy_hat_face:


Another easy but powerful mod for modular oscillators is to replace the resistor in the sync circuit with a pot. Adds a whole rainbow of new sync sounds to any oscillator’s pallet.


heres a tune i made with the my wonky a-199, reverb and using the same verb to shape the hi hats (the ‘open hats’ maybe shakers idk what anything is called tbh)


^ man, why aren’t you playing this stuff out in a room?! So good.

PS: noisy = zero input mixing fun.


what the hell is this called? sounds so wicked. is there a vst that does any of this stuff?


that bes10 track is really good


CyclopiHam VST


I was referring to the erica synth demo video but it’s hard to tell lol should of quoted