Gear Lust Part 7


Is that your diy amp?


yeah but that big speaker was a late night impulse buy I kinda regret. sounds stupid good though :man_shrugging:

also my first spring reverb, def gonna add an in/out loop for that


do you use guitar for electronic music projects or something else? I’d love to hear. guitar in electronic tunes is always a bit sus lol


what is that driver?

reminds me of my old Klipsch Cornwalls haha

(not my pic, just 4 reference)


nah its also very sus to me, sometimes ill sample a chord or a harmonic but never actual playing

@cyclopian jbl d130f, apparently it was designed to be a hifi speaker but guitar players liked it so they made the f with a bigger voice coil. adding a tweeter might be a good idea just so i can blast some tunes through it


sick man!

back at my computer now as well, took a proper look at your diy amp. Very nice work man! very clean

keen to hear it sometime if ya ever get around to putting the soldering iron down and record something :slight_smile:



my playing isnt quite where my soldering is but ill post some clips when i get a chance to crank it.

maybe more random production thoughts thread but coming off of like 1-2 years not seriously trying to make tunes, im super excited to get back to it. got my setup fixed up and basically ready to go as soon as i cable it, sittin on mad stacks of chord progs, patches, and samples that ive been saving up in the mean time. feels good


If you have good chord progressions, you are already so close to a tune.
Whenever I come up with a solid progression, I can usually have a 4 minute
live arrangement at the end of that same day.


So i picked up the D05 this weekend and its a very convoluted machine, a quote i read online summed it up the best, “its like painting a hallway through a mail slot”

Its just as lush and beautiful as i hoped it would be, the PCM sounds are awesome and the synth engine is decent enough. It has some awesome FX too. If you dont mind really diving into a piece of gear this is a wonderful synth. I still dont completely understand how to program everything i want (like midi ccing the cutoff/reso/fxwetdry) but this isnt for the easily discouraged.

Only other note is low output volume. If any of yall have one hmu




hmm that ssl 6 is pretty nice looking tbh, gonna keep my eyes peeled for more info on that.


Yeah, the Six looks great. The SSL track compressor is generally a two knob affair with a few buttons anyway, so not giving up too much control there. The eq looks interesting. It’s the kind of thing that will work well on most sources, but mostly for boosting and mojo-ifying, will need to couple with a digital eq for surgery. Talkback compressor is really cool, drum smash city


i was looking at buying one of those trident s80 ‘producer boxes’ last year

but the SSL six looks quite a bit better tbh, glad i held off

@knobgoblin you heard any release date windows or ETA on the Six?


For sure. Tbh if the Six delivers the legendary ‘glue’ then it’ll defo be worth the cash.

Would be funny if Neve followed suit too…


w8, i just noticed the it says there are 12 inputs for the mix bus, and i noticed 2 db25-looking connectors on the back that look like they say out/send and in/return (hard to read tho, since the labeling printed underneath that top overhang)… is that proprietary SSL tech? or just a normal db25. This thing could be a beastly little ‘summing box’ as well if so.

From SSL’s site:
"While SiX might be small it can handle a lot of inputs at mix-down! Using the two mono input and the two stereo input channels gives SiX its name, but we also have two stereo EXTernal inputs (with volume controls in the master section) which can be sent to the mix bus. Include the ALT inputs and we have up to 12 channels that can be summed into the main mix bus. "




For what it is, $1499 is not too bad. It would cost you a few grand just to build a Neve 500 series channel strip.


yeah, and likewise with the ssl 500 series stuff


Not heard anything on release dates for these, but I’m pretty impressed with it’s cost/features ratio. For a smaller setup it is super well thought out. Gives all the essential features that most producers need for tracking in a small format. The Alt ins double up the channel count for summing, 12 tracks ain’t nothing to sneeze at. I’d be pretty tempted if we didn’t already have the Xdesk and Xpanda…
In fact, it’s still pretty appealing for our studio as a side car submixer for bussing purposes…


Finally got the new power amps in as well. Hopefully have some time this weekend to test em out. Not looking forward to the cabling tho. Always with the cabling

Pretty happy to replace both those chunky and noisy receivers with 4u