Gear Lust Part 7


that’s good to know, was reading a bit and some forumz made it sound like it was a pretty foregone conclusion in terms of parts repairs.

also, im glad your octa survived the fall, thats one of the worst feelings. The person that knocked it over was probably feeling awful and you just have to sort of play it off like its all good at the time to avoid making the situation even worse.



This fuckin guy


My RYTM mk1 is also still neat. Used it quite a bit and bought it from a friend.


well someone already swooped up the mk1 my friend was selling, found a used mk2 at a pretty good price though so I just copped it. Very excited to finally enter the elektron world.


i love that the employees are there programming at the display booth


I am looking so save for a new PC, how much would a PC that has 16gb ram i7 processor and a good sound card be?

EDIT: “Laptop”



Not gonna lie, read that as PCP Art Picker the first time


that sounds like a website i’d be interested in tbh


Yeah I was looking at that website, it’s really fucking handy how they list compatible parts for everything you look at as it makes combining it so much easier!

I’ve read that DIY isn’t quite as cheap as it used to be but there are some websites that sell both parts and built units like Dos Paradise so you can compare to see if it’s worth it

I work with a guy who used to be in IT and he said find a built model you like and just buy all the same parts individually to save some money lol


Is it worth paying £60 on a ni mark mixtrack pro 2. Want a dj controller and this dude wants an offer

Any advice?




“Portrait of a Deathstep Producer”


if everything is working fine (make sure to test all the buttons and pads, especially the most used ones like play and cue and make sure they aren’t doing anything funky) it seems like an alright deal, I remember when those came out and they aren’t the most reliable devices in terms of build quality but they work well in general.

Its easy to find decent midi mapping presets for it to use with Traktor as well.


Nice one, cheers for that! I’ve ordered it and pick it up tomorrow!