Gear Lust Part 7

I love the layout of the Vermona DRM1 for just really simple individual drum design but I’d like something with a sequencer as well :confused:

I could get one of the cheaper korg models i suppose or i do like the feel of the roland sequencers so maybe a second hand tr626, can get them for like £100 on ebay

Nah bro i love them ha

Sold all my stuff years ago but i much prefer the process


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This sounds great to me :lol_og:

I did a degree in audio engineering and produced for like 8 years straight religiously and then got into other things and work took over and i havent touched anything in about 3-4 years now. Anyway… i’ve got this urge again so hard and now im buying a new house with space im going to get back on it - excited is an understatement ha



Yeah the drum design on it looks so sick, it fits my process really well too

ill have a look at the mc303&505 cheers :+1:



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UWE Bristol

It was a great course and really interesting but i wasted it by partying too much and not going in ffs

Like most niche courses if you are in the top 5% of the students and start career searching midway through the course it can deffo get you places you wouldn’t of got otherwise. The teachers were great and had loads of connections they were happy to share too :+1:

Id deffo think hard about it though as its a lot of money for no guarantee

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Bet you can get a nice machinedrum for that. Or even a decent Analog RYTM 1.

Yeah not quite, theyre more 750ish. I have wanted an analog rytm for time though so I might just spend a bit extra. Theres just too much choice, legit can’t decide

I think regardless of what i get im also going to get that new behringer 909 lol

I’ve seen a few Analog rytm’s being sold through synthforum and FB groups for
€650 recently. Guarantee you won’t regret it at that price point. Hell I paid €1100 for
a 2nd hand one and I certainly don’t regret it.

I’m still getting new sounds out of it after years. Great machine.
You just have to be prepared to spend some weeks to learn it.


Fair enough, I’ll deffo keep an eye out.

What do you think makes them so good? I’ve heard demos and a few tutorials and was impressed, They sound gritty for sure!

Mostly the sound and sequencing/tweaking possibilities. The lfo’s are great, you got
parameter lock which is amazing, you can nudge the tempo to manually sync it with
records you are playing, you got 8 voices but 12 sampler and synth channels, a nice on board delay, great compressor and mediocre reverb. Oh and you can record hits and automation live to the sequencer, I don’t know if all drum boxes do that.

I honestly doubt there’s a drum synth as versatile as the rytm.
After about a year, it really started opening up for me.

Sounds great man, cheers for the detailed reply. I think I might get that aaaand the behringer 909 and just say sorry to my gf loads

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woah bro :cannon:

bit out of my range price wise