Getter \ Zomboy style track

I like your track man. Is that Serum I hear?

I’m getting a violently raunchy spaghetti or barely alive feel
Arrangement: 8/10
Pretty strait forward, but nice change up with the 128bpm (or was it just a 3/4 signature) in the second drop, i like how that catapulted the energy into high gear, and then came back down into the two-step feel.
Sampling: 7/10
Sirens, Pitched down vocals, the 'Hey’s, all good. I like that break beat intro you had going to. That would make a great beat down section if you just had that breakbeat clip minus the processed kicks and snares so that it actually sat on top of the mix. I think you could have spiced up the drop with some samples (maybe some hits or FX) but thats just extras.
Sequencing: 6/10
I think the energy builds fine, and the lfo automation is on point. The initial breakbeat drum clip is pretty cool, but for the remainder of the song, the percussion is pretty bland. The LFO automation and sampling really fills it in so it doesn’t stick out, but i think in the future you could experiment with a more unique drum pattern. Or at least process them in a different/interesting way.
Synthesis: 8/10
The synth patch’s were pretty fucking GNAR. I didn’t really feel like they were ‘ground breaking’ or anything but i mean they fit the dubstep feel thats trending at the moment, and are dynamic. The sequencing and automation pull the line’s together really well so good job. I did notice that it feels like the sub bass is kinda muddled in sections of the drop, especially after your initial growl of the drop where the patch starts hitting those short 1/16th notes (0:51) It sounds like the bass is just hitting a constant note, or its volume is peaking not in time with the growl patch. I think that if they moved little bit tighter together the synth rack would sound a bit cleaner.
Just my opinions, but seriously - great tune man i loved it. Would love to hear your feedback on my dubstep tune i just released

Pretty decent sound design. I’m not normally a fan of tearout tracks like this, but this isn’t so bad. The intro and the vocal sample are dope. Only thing I don’t enjoy here is maybe the snare. A little too wet on the reverb?

this +1

i think the sub could be louder in the mix as well

Thank I appreciate you taking the timeout to write that detail reply. I agree with you.
So I listened to your track “Muerte.” I can’t say I’ve heard a dubstep track like this before. It sounds very emotional(The beginning reminds me of RJD2).I like that AWWW SHITT sample. My only suggestion would be to change up sequence. It was a little repetitive. You could of had another version of that synth play some of the notes the main bass was playing.
Solid track though I really dig the mystical feel of your music, your sound quality is on point too!!! 7/10.I’m interested in what were you going for in this song, like what were you feeling when producing this track?

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wow so the is the best comment i’ve ever got on a track thanks man <3


The main sound is serum but everything else is massive
i have a 2GB Ram in my computer so you can understand why

Dang man that sucks. Gotta upgrade that ram lol

Dude. This is fucking awesome. Like straight up… dope. So much energy. Progresses nicely and the sound design is on point. I like the drum breaks that you added as well. Big ups dude. Followed on the cloud for sure. Keep it up. Keen to hear more from you.

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I dont know much about computers…
can i upgrade the ram without changing my computer?