Getting acquainted with Dubstep

Alright, this is my first post, and my first record I don’t completely hate haha. Still working on the subs in the drop, and more heaviness. Feedback wanted. Thanks guys!!

Not liking the high pitch synth line around 1m09s, it’s a little piercing. Whole mixdown is very LOUD as well, like maybe a bit over compressed?

Also feel like it could do with a vocal or something to make it a little more memorable. Vocal hook, movie sample, that sort of thing.

You’re absolutely right. It needs that 1 thing to set it apart. I kinda over compressed because I was using FL and “Getting acquainted” with it so to speak. I’ve since moved to logic. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

Work on getting your mixdown as shit hot as possible. Compression (IMO) should be used liberally to bring elements together, for example if you have much quieter elements in your drum beats.

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You’re totally right. I get a bit tip toey with compression (this record is a terrible example) but i agree with you 100%. Any pointers on mixing in the sub bass?

Use EQ to roll off the low end frequencies in the other elements to make space for the sub.

Then decide how much you want the sub to drive the tune, and EQ around it accordingly.

Basic tips, I’m afraid, but honestly it depends on what you’re after from your track.

Perfect. I was thinking the same thing. Just gotta make room. Thanks again for the feedback!!