Getting audio off youtube?

What do you use to download audio off youtube?
Just want to get some samples

These two sites


If you are a (happy) Mac or Linux user, it is easy to install and use youtube-dl which does everything what one could come up with in this context. Unfortunately, for Win users I suppose it is not trivial to install it.

On mac, soundflower.

On Windows, look up VB Audio Cable

Audacity works well with both, but getting VB straight into FL studio seems to always be a pain in the arse for me.

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it’s still ez on windows, just download the standalone exe then do shit like:

list formats:
.\youtube-dl -f

download highest quality:
.\youtube-dl -f best

either add the exe to your PATH (google this) or go to the folder with the exe, hold shift, right click, open powershell/cmd window here, then run the command you want. no need for the .\ bit if you’re not on win10

will probably need to install ffmpeg if you wanna do shit like auto convert to mp3 and stuff

youtube-dl is sick. only criticism is that it’s named badly. it supports about a million sites

or yea just record a clip using audacity

+1 Audacity

And donate you fucks


Yeah, audacity is the one for sampling computer audio, imo. Record, trim, process, export. Bosh.


My 2c: mac = audio hijack, windows = audacity works wonders!

I just hum what I’m trying to sample back into a microphone


you wanna get on 4k youtube downloader.

Does soundcloud too, and other platforms. Can download up to 320kb as long as original audio is of good quality obviously. Many options like add straight to iTunes if that’s what you’re using it for.

Audacity + Soundflower would work too.

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If you’re on windows

WASAPI in shared loopback mode = recording your desktop audio straight into daw
works in Reaper at least on w7/8.1



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I’m a bit old school (?) I just record it straight off my phone into my sampler (or DAW) with an audio cable.


I used to do plugging a cable into the headphone port and then back into the other port, but new macs only have one headphone port :angry:

Sucks cuz now I can’t get audio out of movies and shows on Netflix

There used to be free software for it but with the recent osx updates the main option is to use Loopback. Ended up having to buy it for getting my radio shows properly routed to the right places when I was using my macbook. Sucks to buy it but works really well and you’ll prob find some other cool uses for the routing for audio mangling like I did :slight_smile:

Nice one dude.
Free version should work well enough for me - I just need something for rrecording snippets of audio from Netflix movies and shows for sample purposes.

Can you not do that with Audacity on a Mac?

My MOTU M4 also has a loopback feature but I have not tried it yet.

Thinking on this, I believe I have done it before on VLC Media Player as well.

I use the youtubedownloader you get with brew

Mac keep doing all these things that make me not want their products lol

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