Ghetto Disco House

specifically looking for disco house that is made by ghetto house producers or sounds like ghetto house NOT one or the other


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Shit like this or is it too tracky?

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man w/o the vocals itd be what im looking for but they kind of fuck it up

too clean

should be noted that producer doesn’t have to be from the midwest & the tune doesnt have to be 15 yrs old

these euros make trax like this too but they have to be grungy

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i found sum shit

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Nice Donald Byrd sample.

How ghetto do you want it? Strictly southside?

A little bit of westside?

oi this thread is promising

bring the gullyness heds

I should have something like this but can’t think of it rn

yes this ones G. Didn’t know the name before but my mate plays it when we mix sometimes

this is more french house but its so hard that it works imo


as long as it’s not hyper 1999 filter mode with cheesy vocals


found a few french joints in that vibe

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spamming this w pretty much everything i found on beatport yesterday

( ^ switches at 2:40)

So much of this stuff doesn’t fit your description, I can see how you went on a vibe :lol_og:

yea I kind of expanded the criteria :mrgreen:

beatport sale didn’t help

Fucken lit, fam.

im sure you know this tbh

Fuckin this one cocksuckas

absolute coke tune

gotta listen for the switch towards the end too