Ghost - Drunk Dancing


big up silent ghost


Not dubstep but its a free download =)


Holy shit, this remix is good! Big up.


Salute! Glad you like.


new one! peace


really liked that bad & boujee remix bro :heart:


Second tune is big!


Always wana hear more Purple.

Should make the squares more… round/soft than they currently are, more of a square drone/sounds very massive-y atm. IMO

Also may wana re-think your alias - originally expecting a Joker/J Da Flex mashup from the thread title.


yo big up everyone

Lol at thread title its just easier to name this thread that way instead of changing it everytime I post a new song. much respect


I mean if you put out tunes as Ghost (making anything similar to dubstep particularly) it’s a pretty famous dubstep duo (J Da Flex and El-B) already.


ah good too know


Just change to Silent Ghost, I guess?




new one homies


Liking it mate, the gated synth that comes in 16bars into the drop sounds a bit harsh, i’d maybe try lowering the volume, eq out the highs, some reverb - any combination of the 3


Thanks for the support over the years homie.


Digital Future is sick!


Hey … Digital Future is very nice … amazing work on this … :+1:

Btw. Follow you now on soundcloud and liked your tracks … keep up your great work


Big up guys


New one