Glassy/Weightless Grime




Banger of a show


track 6 Silver Ocean on the zomby album sounds kinda like a proto-version of this (i think???)

or am i thinking of a different track?


Hoping to revive this thread. The new Boxed compilation has so many bangers ahead of their 5th anniversary this Friday.


sick, big man OMAAR with the shellerz, Mexico’s finest


wow inner is there as well thats sick
very atypical track for him, but also very ‘boxed’


Personally think all the tracks are so strong they could’ve chose 4 random tracks from the compilation and made it into a 12". Highlights for me are the Iglew & Gundam track and Swimful’s Offline VIP.


yeah lets get this thread going again.


also, quick request. anybody got this ? it was a freebie few years back. link me


that whole Fallen Angel EP is legit, OMAAR is the guy trust me, Mine’s Evo and also the remix by my dons Triple S are both mud



Odeko is releasing his debut album on Gobstopper in three weeks.


Sick! I recently picked up A history wth Samus 12”. Big fan of that record


Last Japan - Luna is out today on Coyote Records, and every track is a smasher. @lastjapan


So Glassy is basically grime with trance synth presets and pan pipes?



“glassy” as an adjective to describe the type of stuff in this thread isn’t the most apt word :face_with_monocle: it’s clear that there’s also many other influences from other genres at play (UK funky, witch house, trap, etc.) gonna rename it


i think glassy was used to describe the cold shimmery synths

weightless as in being in space; floating in micro gravity.

that was my take on it at least


New Mokona EP is amazingly gorgeous.


still a sick mix


still waiting for that Iglew – Snowdrops tune damn