Glassy/Weightless Grime

i still think new grime is playing catch up with zomby but i’m really feeling these tunes atm

thread for mr mitch, silkroad assassins, missingno, murlo, last japan/forever forever/prayer/cult new styles of grime

i’m really liking the tunes where it doesn’t feel like an attempt to be old grime


I like

Weightless? I.e. bass less?

I can’t listen cos I’m at home. But I’m sure there is bass

I meant work

i more meant the kinda synth vibes to it all, just a working title

Ahh sound good times. Having a shit so I can listen to some of these

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I struggle to get heavily into this sort of stuff. One exception is the MSSINGNO EP, absolutely love that. Crazy how much it goes for already tho…

The murlo one sounds like someone’s first tune that was mixed well.
I dogged the rest at some point although idk there’s something I don’t like about the overall sound. Maybe too sterile

It sounds good, but isn’t really what I think of when I think of a grime instrumental.

The Mr Mitch stuff kinda sounded like an extended intro

I reckon it would be kinda hard to spit over something like this

i honestly think that’s a good thing, barely any new mcs spitting anyway so fuck it why try and be ‘grime’ like the old days

this might be the least popular statement the new dsf will see- but honestly i’d be on seeing this vaporwave, yung lean emo trap beats and pc music meet in the middle on this vibe i think it could be fresh

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Idk I like the sounds but overall the tunes are just a bit mehhh. But then tbh I’ve never been big unto grime.
I do rly like the sound of vapour wavey stuff when its done well but its the same thing a lot of the tunes sound cool but are shite.

I really like alot of this stuff but aside from murlo none of it really works on the dance floor at all. i feel i would play this kind of grime a lot more if people could actually dance too it.
it also occupies a weird niche where most of it i wouldnt listen to at home, i cant imagine an mc over much of it and it doesnt really work on the dance floor. so i dont really get what the point is if you see what i mean.
that being said i think a lot of its good music.
and last japan, murlo, mr mitch et al all make good forward thinking music so maybe it doesnt matter if there is a point to it

I’ve been listening to some Bjork and I think this sound would go well with some singing.

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I really like this stuff but a lot of it is a bit too ambienty and pretty impossible to spit over… which is fine but sorta makes it not grime? Grime was gritty and dark instrumentals for MCs to spit over. If its on a more ambient, polished up tip and its pretty impossible to spit on it doesn’t have many of the main characteristics of grime. Grime in general is a bit confused anyway, most of the OGs are just making 140 trap beats.

Do think more MCs should try spit on the more ‘spittable’ beats in this style. Riko & Novelist showing the potential of spitting on techno atm… someone like Trim needs to get on this.

Kind of odd you left out Logos, Mumdance and Rabit arguabley the dudes pushing it the most

also iglew >>>

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Also this sound is the future tbh

entirely me being prejudiced haha, yeah definitely this thread needs that stuff i just posted what i like most, i rate logos and mumdance for making forward thinking tunes, and logos was really good when i saw him dj but i really rarely enjoy actually listening to their music
love this

rabit i like less than them tbh although again i can’t deny he makes some tuunes

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Haha yeah I get what you mean about out tho, these are very much "mix/ home listening"
I think the only ones ive heard so far that work really well are in this mix cos they have loads of mad vocals.


@muncey i agree totally, there’s still similarities like square wave synths and kinda offkey percussion, but i rate that it’s turning into something else entirely, so the quicker that happens and i don’t have to see a million fact and thump articles about functions on the low the better imo, thread name’s pure convenience

and on the spitting thing

i saw oil gang or maybe boxed tweet a couple months back that they did try for about 2 years to get mcs involved and got complete air, so this is a scene that’s grown up without mc’s as the norm and it’s my understanding that the more melodic and ambient and so not mc friendly tunes are a direct result of that, people making more melodic tunes cos they couldn’t make bare bones 8 bar that suit rapid spitting

so maybe we just gotta accept that spitting isn’t the norm anymore (we need a favourite vocals thread again though been finding some bangers)

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