Good free beat sequencer/sampler VST?

I have installed Reaper and so far really like the software. I’m not quite sure how to draw in beats on the piano roll, so I wanted to see if there are any good beat-creating/sample using drum kit VSTs, or how to use a default VST on Reaper.

try this maybe?

Haven’t looked into it much as i usually just have separate tracks for drum hits, grouped into a folder.

You can try using the built-in Samplomatic5000 for triggering samples via MIDI, pretty nifty sampler, I use it a lot but afaik you can only load 1 sample per instance.

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Create a new empty track and just drag your drum tracks into it, you’ll see that they will move ‘under’ that track. It acts like any normal track so you can use routing and fx as usual

You can use the quant. clickmarks to sequence a hit within a track;

For example, think of this as being like the standard 16-step drum sequencer…


I’ve been looking at MegaBaby for like an hour. How do I load in samples so I can draw them in on the grid? I don’t want waveforms all over my track. I’ve looked at an overview video but the guy uses Battery 4, which is a $200 VST.

Late post, guessing you’re sorted by now but I’d recommend Shortcircuit which is a great freeware sampler:

Having waveforms in your projects is pretty standard though, I wouldn’t try to fight it. Offers a lot of nice flexibility and precision editing. You can group and hide/minimize the tracks with them to make it look cleaner.

Never used MegaBaby but it looks like a basic step sequencer. You have to map MIDI notes to your imported samples and trigger them with notes. Shortcircuit works in a similar way but offers a lot of sample editing and mangling capabilities.

TAL Sampler is also quite nice at a low cost.

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Thank you, still haven’t figured out MegaBaby. I will give Shortcircuit a look

Shortcircuit is very powerful, but has a learning curve.

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If someone is new to softsamplers yeah most likely, but since they all essentially work the same it’s a nice way to get familiar with samplers. Going from Shortcircuit to something like Kontakt is very easy for example. So it’s a good way to get a feel for it. I still use Shortcircuit over Kontakt for a lot of stuff.

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Have a look at MUX Modular 7:

It can be used as a very versatile sampler, beat slicer, sample mangler and more.

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