Good VST for intros

Do you guys know any good vst for intros/ build ups etc beyond nexus, because I highly doubt that the biggest names in dubstep make all of the synths in intro by themself ?

The question you’re asking is really broad. What are you trying to achieve in your intro? it could be pure sound design and drones, street recordings you’ve done, or a simple motif repeated and reiterated by 8 different synths.

For my intros i use a lot of Absynth, but i’m making shit myself.

making your own synth patches would probably be the best way to answer this question—so use a ‘real’ synth (software or hardware) instead of a ROMpler.

try tweaking presets on any synth as a start—you can graduate to rinsing nexus presets when it doesn’t make financial sense to spend time designing one patch because you’re too busy touring and playing to coked up 17 year old girls in bikinis

a sampler.


Native instruments intro maker vst is really good


Wouldn’t any synth be a good synth for an intro :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use a plucky super saw lead and slowly remove the high pass -> lead + build up. Sample something -> good intro could be used for the break in a drop.

For strings dsk overture is free and pretty good.

Could just use your beat or a version of it.

I like harmor a lot and use that quite a bit.

Sitrus makes some good pads. Fuck around with that shit.

Reverb on anything = intro pretty much.

Really who needs intros. Drop us in medius res like a true pro. stop pussy footing around


I abuse Native Instrument’s Massive for literally anything. :joy:

Or forego the sampler and just use the sample.

I have Native Instruments Komplete 9. Do you think it is worth upgrading to version 10 for Intro Maker?


put a donk on it




people on this forum are really helpful these days :joy:

not sure about this but i like the idea

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Can I use this for outros as well?


just reverse the intro


The fact that so big portion of dubstep intros sound like they’re either

A. straight out of the sample pack
B. stripped down versions of the drop

…is why it’s often so hard to find fresh tunes. I’m still certain many of the long time headlining artists do make their intros from a scratch for the most of the time. This doesn’t ofc mean that people wouldn’t use something like Kontakt libraries for real instrument sounds etc.