Good VST for strings/choirs?

Hey folks, trying to find a decent VST for FL studio to get some good string sounds. Something like EastWest Quantum Leap. Except, you know…cheaper. Already broke my computer once from trying to search for EastWest. Anyways, if you guys could point me in the direction of some cheap/free string packs that would be awesome. I’ve been looking for awhile, and so far haven’t found anything promising. If something comes across my path, I’ll put it here for future peeps to find. Thanks, ladies and gents.

You could try the free Kontakt Player.

Free Kontakt Player…?


Thank you, citizen. Your efforts to rid the city of crime will not go unnoticed.

Downloading it now to try it out. Thanks!

Strings and choirs are very different things, you probably want a sampler if you need both in one.

Kontakt session strings is very good.

i don’t know any good string vst’s, but if you can’t pirate stuff without fucking your computer up then you should stick to buying your software m8.

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Computer’s fine actually. And I don’t want to pirate shit. Hence why I’m here asking people if they know any string VSTs in my budget. Aka free.

Yeah…was kind of looking for separate VSTs to do the jobs. But hey, I’ll look into session strings. I’m more concerned about those than the choirs at the moment. Thanks for your help.

They would be separate instruments regardless, look into how Kontakt works imo

try DSK Overture, the sound quality isn’t crystal clear, but you can still get some nice sounds out of it AND it’s free :wink:

sample strings/choirs out of music

Edirol Hypercanvas was my synth of choice when I started out. Was probably the only thing I used for the first year or two.

For strings just resample multiple channels w any string tone[s] you want, and on each of those channels put a) a subtle LFO on pitch, very very small amounts (1 to 3 cents max, aka +/-0.01 - 0.03) and b) some chorusing to taste (and you can get creative here. Individual inserts, bussing, variable speeds… But a light touch here is also helpful in terms of depth and intensity and feedback.)

For string tone sources just find a classical piece w strings you like and Paulstretch a short clip.

Helped a lot. Thanks man. Was able to learn some things in the process of trying to sample strings.

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but also

have a couple of synths each playing their single note in a chord

fuck with attack - full decay/sustain/release

better than strings as strings

the key is that each note has to have its own envelope and vibrating going on

There’s some nice choir and string soundfonts around. Like a lot of ones either used before in old hip hop, or sampled from it (“Dr. Dre strings” etc). But there’s a lot of shit ones as well…
Some nice ones here:

Also really nice sound dumps from Korg Tritons that have some very usable stuff floating around.
And I recommend to poke around the Sampletank freeware version. It comes with the default soundbank I believe (others cost money).

It’s nice to be useful. :grin: