Goth-Trad Appreciation

What is this man up to these days? The old forum threads linked something but I’ve been listening to New Epoch and think that he has much more depth. Anything new on the horizon?

haven’t heard much new stuff from him but his label Back To Chill put out this, which has some BANGERS on it:

fucking need this - goth trad - sinker is the name, heard it some karma mix, FIREE

Gothtrad :ok_hand:

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not goth trad but this is a tune

forthcomin apparently so maybe on back to chill?

Nah that is an Innamind dub iirc

ohhhhhhhhh nice, someone needs to mak ea karma thread i fucking love his stuff

Done :smiley:

It’s all about Sinker right now. Everyone’s playing that one out. Big tune from Goth Trad, gonna make a huge release in like, idk… a year?

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This set

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Track id at 53 mins anyone?

nvm got it disregard this post

Sunbeam VIP has grown on me a lot. Follow the sub and the other elements just engulf you. Brilliant production.

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Was bashing Itinerant Priest today

Ludicrous tune

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its a nutty one, better than babylon fall imo

Flashback moment to when Vivek (i think) double dropped Poison Dart & Cosmos at a System perfectly

that is a record i neeeeeeeed (babylon fall)

imo Sublimation is the tune of that ep, but it’s tough competition. possibly my favorite medi release ever. you always want what you don’t have doe :pensive:

i should add there’s another really nice gt dub floatin around called Invation or Invasion. would make a great b-side to Sinker

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He has a new remix out but Its only in japan, of a mad noise band and the only clip i can find is about 15secs long… Still it is Goth-trad…


Nice find! That video is a good thing. I still feel that GOTH-TRAD does a lot more than we’re seeing. New Epoch shows some of the variety he is capable of. He’s known for his dancefloor smashers but I’d like to hear his “songs” too, if he has any.

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