Greatest cheesy garage tune of all time?

Edit: well now there is a Garage forum!

My votes going to

No matter how cheesy this is, I will still happily sing it under my breath at work whenever Kiss wheel it out.

it’s big,

quite a tough chorus to nail when drunk tho it goes pretty high

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Ross Young feat. MC RB - Smooth Operator

im down with d&g

Ha, shit just remembered this. Think the video is burned into my mind.
Also lol at the idea people paid money for this video and that seemingly a group of people sat around, watched it start to finish and said “yeh thats sick” lets release it


copped the vinyl, need to mix it more, it’s in an appealing chocolate/turd colour

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Check the charts in 1999/2000 and you’ll be drowning in UKG cheese.


got to be sexy cinderella

or my old time percy

Steve Gurley snm

  • this crackly gem
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That Out Of Your Mind tune is huge… Sweet Like Chocolate is shocking… its easily the most overplayed ‘cheesy’ garage and its a bit too cheese for me. I’d sing along drunk but it would never get the double gun finger like Daniel Beddingfield.


I’m willing to bet every single person who has posted so far was debating wether Luck & Neat was cheesy enough for this thread. Good call, Muncey.

What a vibe though.

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If they play it on Kiss its cheesy enough.

Oracle mix is 1000x bigger tho.

So like real cheese, or guilty pleasure kind of ting?

didn’t grow up in the uk so my exposure to cheesy garage is limited but this one always gets stuck in my head as silly as it is.

when I fall in love doesn’t fit the spirit of this thread at all haha, it’s a really legitimately great tune.

So is Sambuca mate :gun:

Wideboys-Sambucca deserves a mention…

Just cos its cheesy as fuck does not mean its also not legitimately great btw :ok_hand:

This is a top 5 cheesiest garage tune

bit of a late entrant here, what this needs is a jelly jams/crazy couzins remix