Greatest cheesy garage tune of all time?


Nobody’s said this one yet.

And @RKM, if that DND tune ain’t garage, I don’t think I know what is.

Also, this technically isn’t garage, but it technically is.


dug up this shocker from the depths of my collection. what were people like me thinking when they purchased this? must have been the instrumental on the flip right… :flushed:


Why does flex have such a high pitch voice on? lol
The other two sound like they’re speaking normally.
I’d play the vocal version out tbh.


hold on whats cheesy about zed bias neighbourhood?!


all of them, still like garage though


That Doolally tune is big. I used to work at an auction and if the stuff you’re selling don’t sell in 2 weeks you either pick it up or we threw it away… there was a box of records that didn’t sell and the owner didn’t want it back so I took it home and looked through it. Had that Doolally tune in it + Sia - Little Man and a few decent jungle tunes >>>>




“Nunna dat chocolate boy stuff”


oh gosh, just found this hahaha