Greaze old chicago house

want more greaze old school house, pounding drum machine shit with a lot of grit and funk that has a lot of cross over with techno

big up @Phigure for posting this in the merge thread, exactly what i’ve been looking for

ie perfect example-

(booky samples but the synth line is great)

DJ Deeon is the ultimate ghetto badman of house.

just moved to chicago two weeks ago, this thread is very relevant to me

dj funk’s at corsica this friday, gonna try and go

tbh this is mainly dj funk picking out how great his own tunes are but the first ones fire, and that booty bounce one would be a nice switch up in a funky set

more on the the aw shucks-funky sexy, style tunes than the out there nutsack on the table ghetto house- find that stuff gets a bit old

more mixes plz

: ) : ) : )

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That Hail Mary tune is so good… that clips from Delroys BR and its pitched like +7 I think lol

His BR also put the value of that record up by so much.

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parris mitchell at dance tunnel 4 dance mania night in jan

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