Grey title edits


there is a list of requirements that have to be met. I can screenshot my own list to show ya

edit: @swerver posted the info right above me as well, didn’t see that


the recent shut-out seemed to activate my exclusion
pretty sure I was the main poster there recently
with mix & runs it was getting lonely, as I noted.
Does anyone still have access?



There are only 28 left and the numbers are falling rapidly which makes me wonder what’s up with these algorithms.

You were the one posting most often in there except for all of my weird stuff maybe.


How do us peasents get to this screen? Or is it mod only?


Can somone change mine to -

Trying is futile


not feel ‘farticle’ tbh… may I suggest ‘bumbaclarticle’?




No requests


I need a new one. Haven’t even won a 100BPM contest in awhile


cyclo = two eyed andy / two i’d andii


Farting is Feudal… Love it