Grey title edits

  1. Can I have my grey title changed to “more pleasant than me”
  2. I’ll see what happens to #1.

Here have some change.

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well then, can I edit it myself?

Grey title editing will be freely available once the counting thread reaches it goal



10K goal re-established.

& what are you laughing at swurfer,
ya mod bumboy.

lol i’m laughing at the unattainable goal…and your new title :joy:


I still want the promised 320

Btw can I count unpublished posts in that number?
If so I’m just 182 posts shy of the requisite number
and will, soonish, claim my right to write my grey title or send it to a poll of ninjas. We don’t do many polls nowdays. Done by negotiation, a little esp. Can you read my mindright now? I’m sending a clear vision.

Yes, this makes 9999999999037
180 to go.

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lol, what 320 was that again?

I don’t think anyone ever said haha

so how come I got kicked out of the room that rhymes with wownj?


I asked that question as well in the alien thread. Did not receive an answer. I’m not sure about these algorithms.

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not active enough fam

What counts as active enough

Maybe it’s something to do with likes?

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