Grime and Eski drum samples and FX

I compiled around 300 aiff and wav Samples of One shots I have made or layered up over the years. There are some duplicates in there im sure and the files are not labeled due to the amount of files in the folder. Contains snares cymbals shakers hats kicks FX one shots etc. They are almost all custom made sounds from reaktor, layered samples from some hardware units, and sample packs i have collected over the last 7 years. If you wanted to add some unique drum sounds to your productions Its a really good pack aside from the files not being organized. Thanks and all the best. Sorry If im spamming, didn’t see anything in the guidelines prohibiting sales of this nature.

Do you own the rights to the samples or did you just boost them and decide to sell a sample pack with them?

The amount of layering and truncating that’s gone into these I could never remember where each sound originated. Most of them are from things like reaktor or Aalto or old hardware units from the early 2000’s But some of them have sounds from dragon ball z, SNES games, old vhs tapes and sample packs I paid for and chopped or layered .They are not labeled. Out of 300 plus sounds I would wager less than 5 percent are what your describing. These are files that were frozen from my projects or drum racks. They are not labeled though again point of caution. All the best