[Grime] Bigal - Small Grime Mix


After watching that boxed boiler room I felt like recording something on that vibe, just a small mix

Started messing around with mixing not long ago, still learning so any feedback is appreciated

Dark0 - HYLI(Grime Refix)
Zomby x Wiley - Step 2001
Murlo - Hydra
Wild Kid - New Bethlehem (Celestial Trax Remix)
Zomby - Things Fall Apart
Chemist - Gloom
Jook - Lucy
Spokes - Ritalin (E.M.M.A Remix)
Iglew x Skepta - Bad Myth (Oneman Edit)
Bigal - Enough
Mr. Mitch - Don’t Leave
Last Japan - Crystal Tokyo
C.Z. - Metroid
Logos - Cloudbursting
Pinch & Mumdance - Double Barrelled Mitzi (Turbo Mitzi VIP)
Last Japan - Harca (ft Prince Rapid)
NeguimBeats - 15 de Julho
Kinfolk - Jakarta


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