Grime for a noob

What grime artists do I need to listen to? I’m getting into the sound, and I like it a lot, still very new to it. Not sure how I never listened to Roll Deep before, I knew Wiley but I never listen until recently. Also know some of the big names, Skepta, JME, Newham Generals, Dizzee Rascal, Flowdan.

What are some essential grime artists for someone just getting to know the sound? Please include tracks from YouTube with suggestions.

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there’s like a bunch of grime threads on here

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yeah check the threads on here but they might not be best introduction, here’s the ones from the old forum they might be less niche

i’d say get dizzee- boy in da corner, wiley- treddin on thin ice, good albums and easily available, with a lot of the sick instrumentals used on them- i really recommend listening to ruff sqwad- guns and roses vol 1 and 2, easy enough to find on youtube, bit trickier to find for download but they’re the sickest shit ever imo

beatmakers: wiley, dizzee, ruff sqwad (rapid, slix etc i think- white label classics has most of their classic beats and is easily available), danny weed, big shot, dj mondie, youngstar (pulse x is the classic), skepta, jme, alias, jon e cash, dj oddz + eastwood, jammer

mcs: wiley, dizzee, skepta, jme, d double e (newham generals), trim, riko, crazy t, durrty goodz etc

it’s really a genre that worked best on radio where u get the hype of the mcs spitting fast over the beats, when u listen to 8 bar style instrumentals too long it can get boring, there’s a million sick sets up on youtube and they’re probably your best starting point- id say try something like wiley, dizzee, slimzee, or just roll deep- shit before 2004/5 i find is best

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theres bare different styles of grime nowadays, from trappy stuff to ka ka ka and eskibeats, depends what your into,

for old roll deep stuff check out some sub low mixes and people like slimzee, for the newer stuff aka trap, check faze miyake, footsie etc

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thanks for all the suggestions, yeah i wasn’t sure there was another thread similar that had some of the stuff to really get to know grime, since I’m not in the UK there isn’t a great wealth of available resources that I’m aware of, music media here is obviously mostly oriented towards American hip hop and trap

A few bits of grime…nice big list of a few tunes to get you started then you can dig deeper into the genre…instrumental grime is also pretty common as well as the emceeing.

Two little bonus bits

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yh old deja vu and rinse sets from like 2001-2004 are p good and easily available on youtube

tho besides the dizzee & wiley albums rkm mentioned, tbh i’d say the 2 threads here (instrumental & vocal) are better for introducing someone to grime that plowing through hours of same-y wiley instrumentals or mixtapes/comps that have a 1-3 good-filler tunes ratio or are just really long listens. and i wouldn’t say the tunes in those threads are more niche just maybe a bit harder to track down if you really want to own them or vinyl only or w/e