Grime Instrumental Identifying thread of doom

Every one has Grime instrumentals they wish they new what they where called, here are two of mine, post yours and maybe someone can help!


0:00-0:14 (Been looking for this one for literally years, no one seems to know, identify it and i’ll send a fiver to your paypal :wink: )

Safe! :wink:

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48.13, been after since january

first tune in this?

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Promise you I ain’t chatting shit but I deffo know them two, just can’t remember, pretty sure the first one is a remix of a Dizzee tune

(Blum blim blam blam blam blam - on like pizzicato strings, forget that one too :frowning: )

Ill hit you up if I remember, large up for the Oddz & Eastwood one, one of the best Grime mixes ever

that one in the slimzee & sticky mix sounds like a dj eastwood tune to me. could just be similar sounds used idk

that other one sounds like a mondie tune maybe

if it’s eastwood i haven’t been able to find it, had a dig the other night, cheers tho

wtf is 18.07 in this i’ve heard it million times recently and really oughta know it hah, thought it was new …

thats youngster formula 2


id on the beat? pleaase

is this Oddz & Eastwood mix really mixed by them?
I have never heard their mixtape, which would be really interesting! share if you know more

uh dunno about mixtape but eastwood’s definitely a dj

it’s him on this which is live and nuff tunes in here i’d like to know

Remember back when the types of synths producers used were genuinely a clue as to who tracks could be by?
Times have really changed, lol.

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p jam had some underrated squarewaves #sorrynotsorry

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8.44 strings again, different use of sample i posted second post wtf is this! it keeps coming up




Footsie - Sci-FI


yessss big up

need to dig through footsie properly, oh shit it was on maths and english- never even listened to that through

It’s very meh imho. Though, probably got a lot to do with BIDC and Showtime coming out before it.

It’s on one of he’s king original CDs I’m not sure which one, and yeah dizzee vocaled it can’t tell me nuffin. It’s an ok album few decent tunes no where near the level of boy in da corner or showtime

well i don’t think i ever listened to showtime through either

had a lot of time for pussyole and sirens tho, the rapping on sirens is top

9 mins, soulful number

Yeah, for sure, but I heard those yeeeears ago and they’re the only tracks from the album I can even remember lool.