[GRIME] Pearsall - That Pirate Energy (Old Skool Grime Vinyl Mix)

Here’s a guest mix that I made for the Begrime crew in Berlin a few weeks ago, which I think should be a fun listen for anyone into old skool grime.

For this specific mix, I wanted to channel the wild energy you would hear on old pirate radio sets, where tracks were flashing in and out of the mix, as well more specifically the super technical and controlled manipulation of energy on my favorite ever grime mix, the one Plasticman did for the Rinsesessions compilation in 2005.

Really enjoyed making this mix, and hope you enjoy listening to it!

Some words on this mix: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2020/09/pearsall-presents-that-pirate-energy-a-mix-for-begrime/

Mixed in Berlin, September 2020
100% Vinyl
(62:13, 142 MB, 320 kbps mp3)


  1. DJ Garna - Swordstyle (Instrumental) (DVS Recordings)
  2. Big E-D - Zoanoid (After Shock)
  3. Mr Keaz - Gunfight (Southside)
  4. Geeneus - Parasite (Soulja)
  5. Wonder - Arabian Knights (Bingo Beats)
  6. Agent X - Galaxy (Heatseeker)
  7. DPM - Slow VIP (DPM)
  8. Shotz - Creep (Dump Valve)
  9. Wiley - Dragon Stout (Eskiboy)
  10. Wiley - Ice Cream Man (Eskiboy)
  11. Davinche - Mega Drive (Paperchase)
  12. Ruff Sqwad - Hear Dis (Ruff Sqwad Recordings)
  13. DJ Dread D - Siege (Black Ops)
  14. Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat (Instrumental) (XL Recordings)
  15. DJ Oddz - Nightmare VIP (Black Majik)
  16. Shotz - Untitled (Shot City)
  17. Ruff Sqwad - Burial (Ruff Sqwad Recordings)
  18. Terror Danjah - Juggling (After Shock)
  19. Danny Weed - Combat (Dump Valve)
  20. Rapid - Wide Awake (Instrumental) (Ruff Sqwad Recordings)
  21. Ruff Sqwad - Future (Ruff Sqwad Recordings)
  22. Silkie - No Help Or Handouts (Instrumental) (Unorthodox)
  23. Mr. Slash - Firearm (A.R.M.Y. Bullet)
  24. Jon E Cash - War (Black Ops)
  25. Youngstar - Bongo (DDJs Productions)
  26. Youngstar - Bongo Madness (DDJs Productions)
  27. General LOK - Grover (Instrumental) (Total Package)
  28. Cotti - Erkle Riddim (4N Format)
  29. Dexplicit - Blazer (DXP Recordings)
  30. DJ Dread D - Invasion VIP (Black Ops)
  31. Alias - Warriors (Alias)
  32. Dexplicit - Roll Wid Us (Remix Instrumental) (Illa State)
  33. Kano - Ghetto Kyote (Kamikaze)
  34. Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U (Remix feat. Wiley & Sharkey Major) (XL Recordings)

Tracklist looks fierce!


This is KILLER!!!

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Dope, def gonna check this out.

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thank you! glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Yeah track list looks biggles gonna check this out when I get near the monitors

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thanks! should be a good listen on big speakers :wink:

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little bump on this, as I was quite proud of it :wink:

Ah, thanks for the reminder. Forgot about it.

About 20 mins into it, sounds dope!

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big up, glad you are enjoying it!

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