Grime Production Thread

Post anything people may find useful for producing Grime.

From tutorials, tips and tricks, sample packs, videos etc…

I’ll start :smile:

Wiley Snares:

Music Radar Sample packs:

Old School Grime synth/bass tutorial (Massive):

Old school Grime/Garage bass video tutorial (very useful - guys voice is jokes also):

Large sample library of old drum machines (sick):

I’ll post more as I find/remember them :smile:

Large up!


download rebirth and bounce loooads of shit out of it.


I’m on Mac :confused:

use bootcamp/virtual machine.
I produce on FL in a virtual machine haha

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Hahahahaha I’m well to lazy for that, any samples anywhere? (cheeeeeky)

No way, just found these… Rebirth drum and distorted 808 samples.

Pulse X or what!


Theres also these:

Sick sounding orchestral samples! :smile:

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big up man those are some quality tutorials, especially the attack mag page.

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No worries bro, ill post more in the future! old skool grime sounds in here like morgue sounds fire hydrant wiley samples dizzee samples

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Thanks for these infos! I will definitely try these tools…

Google is your friend for samples, if you’re too lazy to do that you shouldn’t be in this game :dudebro:

The link I shared have other grime samples aswell , use massive for bass or rebirth , emu sp1200 drums are good for grime or Roland xv something or use reasons drums some sick drums on reason , if you use maschine there’s loads of factory drums .

mod edit: no piracy discussion

What vsts you use I’ve heard ur beats on YouTube n there sick I use fruity aswell use massive but need better string sounds and stuff like that

I recently have been making grime-ish stuff. Will post results when they are done but really i found that it’s the way a track is arranged that gives it the grimey feel I’m not even using any “grime sounds”

Nice. some smooth bass sounds in the vid. love it

Has anyone got a reupload of this? File no longer exists and could really do with these… Would be appreciated!

A 5 year necrobump about a 6 year old post is impressive.

Anyway this might be what you’re looking for?


Anybody have the ‘zxph xllxs presents the grime god kit’ aka sample pack they could share?

Also, @sleeps the we transfer has expired. Can we have a re-up?

@kruptah here you go my dude

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