[Grime/Trap] MOREOFUS - It's Foundation Mix

[SIZE=15]It’s Foundation[/SIZE]

[SIZE=20]MOREOFUS - It’s Foundation Mix[/SIZE]

[SIZE=70]This is one on a new team! coming though with that mix of trap, grime and duttyness. Here is his debut mix with dubs literally coming out the ears.[/SIZE][SIZE=5][/SIZE]TRACKLIST
MOREOFUS - That’s Not Me (DUB)
S-X - Dam Mill
Sh?m - Get Back
Merdian Dan - One Two Drinks
Zha - Southampton Lengman (Trends Remix)
Zha - Southampton Lengman (Carlos Remix)
M.I.K - Don
Jook - Shoutgun Riddim
JME - Man Dont Care
MOREOFUS - Funky rid (DUB)
Killjoy - Gyalist Riddim (Asa & Sorrow Remix)
The Square - Lewisham Mcdeez
Habitat x Neffa-T - Warlord (DUB)
Neffa-T - Royal’s Return (DUB)
Swifta Beater - 300
Sir Spyro - Side By Side (feat. Big H, Bossman Birdie & President T)
MOREOFUS - Untitled (DUB)
MOREOFUS - Bouncer (DUB)
Diesle DPower Ft. D Double E - See No Evil (Acapella)
RL Grime - Scylla
Habitat - Bring It (DUB)
Lunice - Can’t wait to
MOREOFUS - Can’t Sleep (DUB)

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