Grime tunes with the 'eski bloop' sound?


pardon if this has been asked for before but the search function gives no results. so I’ve been looking for grime tunes with that eski bloop sound, the one that sounds like a bell or phone ringing; tunes most widely known with the sound included are Morgue, That’s Not Me and What.

If anyone knows any more (good) grime tunes with that sound in, please put it here. I’m making a mix of em.

so far I’ve got:

wiley - morgue
wiley - morgue (2005 remix)
wiley vs skepta - morgue vs. serious thugs vs. ice rink
skepta & jme - autopsy
korma - ice pick
wonder - what (unknown bootleg remix)
wonder - what
skepta - that’s not me (allstar remix) (instrumental)
wiley - pies
wiley - jam pie (instrumental)
scratchy - shangooli
wonder - step

shameless self promo :badteeth:



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the second one’s particularly nice, will include that one

keep em coming boys & girls

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here it is lads

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