Gritty hiphop tape sound 808 sample packs?



looking for drum machine packs with a raw analogue feel like you get in old memphis rap

got lots of 808 packs and they’re all too clean

/any tips on using effects for this would be cool too


Try JB time machine and JB ferox free vsts

(Robbed from commodore)


Lots of resampling and distorting too.

Or buy a shit tape desk/recorder and resample drums on thay


safe matey

i’m far too leazy and cheap to do anything involving hardware



Try filter resonance into a lowpass to kill the highs (and sound like a record with less highs than we have in the digital realm)

slight distortion

  • keep a clean version to blend in if the 1st is too muddy/distorted

tbh the good stuff from the gear - is also there in the recording in like 999 out of 1000 cases. Like they’ve already been treated like that before we sample it. And you might aswell try to ‘enrich’ that, than put another hardware bit on it.

I know this is not common advice but think about it. Most people just assume we need gear for this. Imo gear makes sense if you want a super specific sound from one like wellknown device. And between that, industry and exponentially expensive gear, it makes little sense to just go for what we have already around.There’s this illusion taking it’s place imo.

I know you just want a shortcut - but this becomes a short cut down the line. And its infinitely cheaper.


im thinking about getting a tape recorder… any recommendations?

I think the setup i would need is something that can get audio fro my computer onto a tape(and back) and another shitty device that can transfer that tape audio on to another tape.


Tascam porta pros are cheap af. Can find them easily at pawn and thrift shops. Pair with a cheap USB interface like that $30 berhringer dongle.

I use mine on just about every tune I’ve made in the past two years


yeah im not sure but i think commodo used it in his free focus remix… like for the leads.


tape decks at the local thrift store should be cheap as anything

Blank media still kicks around those places too

I recorded some of my own, have them if you want


Goldbaby cassette 808 pack.


yooo been using this a lot thanks, just filter and resonance sounds great




You don’t ever use logic right?

Because theres this really grungy filter called autofilter


ableton only


ah ok


playing around with these now, they’re fucking sick! big up