Guilty pleasures


I don’t know why I like this dumb tune. I think cause it’s downtempo…your typical brostep sounds but a bit different…idk maybe it’s only cause i heard it in a twerk video


It’s like skrillex lite

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Your guilty pleasure is my outright pleasure, Africa is a fucking tune and you should be ashamed for being ashamed about it

Tbf I’ve always struggled a bit with the concept of guilty pleasures, why would you feel guilty about being pleased by something? Unless we’re talking straight up genocide or something

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Right on man. You’re right, fuck it, it is a fucking tune, and I love it. No shame.

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You have a point, they shouldn’t actually be seen as ‘guilty pleasures’ cause then you’re assuming ‘acceptable’ & ‘unacceptable’ music which is kind of narrow minded. drakes One Dance is catchy as fuck plus it has a beautiful Crazy Cousinz sample. but the rest of views is sh1te but that’s not me rationalizing

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this is like the music version of candy, good for about 5 listens a year, and only if you keep your mind off the fact that it’s made out of cheap supersaw corn syrup :badteeth: :badteeth: :badteeth:

(also it has nostalgia value for me, remembering that time period…)


this intro tho lol


i was hoping for mc grindah to jump down from the rafters and interrupt him





terrible, but not at the same time.


i know.




Ugh me too

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everytime i hear the word football nowadays i think of this

the ‘football’ sample is just too much

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Can’t stand the intro, verses etc and i just can’t be deeling with Bollywood dancing type shit but the chorus :love:


In fact why i’m at it Girls Aloud had some seriosly strong choruses, again verses are wack:

Shameful shit i kno


Actually Love Machine was the other way round, verse sick, chorus nah not so much

EDIT: actually chorus decent too

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