Guilty pleasures


I feel lame but I really like this song

Jake the Peg by Rolf Harris

(Felonious ^^ might like this for other reasons.)

Laughing at 9/11 vines and rude jokes such as,“I called the rape helpline. Apparently they only help the victims.”

Nothing wrong with Toto - Africa. Certified banger.

My guilty pleasure is Caspa - Fulham 2 Waterloo. Got it on vinyl and still play it on the regs

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Yeah that’s a tune in its own right, I just can’t get over how blatantly it bites Night. :cornlol:

ive mixed the 2 before, sounds sick you know. double drop that shit!

It sounds sick even in my head, to be fair. However, Night hypes up every mix that includes another funky tune; like Jack Sparrow - Red Sand or J:Kenzo - Conqueror.


I fucked love country music. Most of the time spent driving round this summer in Ibiza I had it blaring. Can’t be having beats all the time, nothing worse than spending all day listening to the same music you’re going to listen to all night.

“Small Town Throwdown” is growing on me as well;

I disagree. You never listened to the same album for a full day?


Organ Donors - Locked Tight

its so gay but so good

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im in Love with Ecco!!

underage girls :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know why I like this dumb tune. I think cause it’s downtempo…your typical brostep sounds but a bit different…idk maybe it’s only cause i heard it in a twerk video