Guitar pedals power supply

Guys. I’m buying stuff so that when I move in to my new house in September I can record some songs (weird badly played guitar stuff). I have a few pedals but I can’t fathom which power supply to get there are so many. Does anyone have recommendations for a relatively cheap 3 way or more dc9v adaptor?

does the unit you want to power have a diagram of the voltage/polarity, etc?

It is three 9v DC units like standard boss pedal voltage. No idea about polarity

prolly something like this:

I’ve had a lot of luck with OneSpot and most standard pedals. Hell, I even had a couple electribes all powered by one of these rigs for a while.

that looks sweet ill look for something along those lines but UK mains rated

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I always forget who lives where lol…I’d be surprised if there weren’t a product like this in the UK…

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