Guitary pitch bendy lead synth used in breakdowns?

Trying to figure out how to make this sort synth that must die, zomboy and BA use a lot in their breakdowns. It’s really full and “whiny”

used in the intro and breakdown of this:

also in this: at 0:28

Also in the intro of this:

I can get close to this sound in its movement and character, but I can’t get it super “juicy” and full. Mine always sound more like a very basic bendy reese.

Try adding reverb/saturation/chorus plus the usuals like compression and EQ.

I think its the patch itself I’m getting wrong though, any tips? I’ve added all that and it helps, but the source just ain’t there.

I get like a “dooodooodoooo” instead of “WAHHHWAAAHHWANyaaaaaaaaaaa”

You want portamento. And if you use FL, use slide notes.
Basically want a stereo detuned square/saw combo. Maybe some vibrato. And you want to have a gradual attack on the filter LP.

Square wave with Pulse width modulation

theres some portamento/slide some detune and vibrato with distortion, not really sure much more than that, there seems to be some texture to it that i cant figure out.

Here’s another really good one, starts at about 2:01
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Man I wish I could write melodies and harmonies like this, and man I miss old KP.

Yeah I can get that, but how do you make these synths not sound like, plastic and very “toyish”. Even after all the usual go-to effects it still sounds weak and well, toy.

when I saw the topic this was all I I could think

Maybe its just the fact that you like the melody and the general feel and vibe of the songs you showed us. Maybe its all just in your head.When it comes to leads its not really the sound that makes it good, its the context in which its used. I had that problem very often. :full_moon_with_face: