'Gunshot' Snare Sounds? HOW?

A few examples:
Niykee Heaton (Adair Remix)
Fuck Dem by EMOXX
Fallout (FuntCase Remix)

I want to know how that poppy, splashy kinda snare is obtained. It’s a sound I’ve been wanting in my productions since the beginning of time. I’d love to hear any answers based around synthesis because I want to know how to synthesize my own snares in the future, but any answers considering layering samples and stuff is cool. Please be in depth with your answers, that’d make it so much easier to interpret what you’re saying and work in my workspace.

I’ve noticed these snares are kinda short in terms of transients, and the tail of the snare very much flourishes and makes it sounds like… I don’t know, something as outrageous as a gunshot. That’s the best way I could describe them. It would also help to know what key the transients are in because I think that has something to do with it.

It sounds like that it’s a typical snare with a clap layer on it.

yeah typical bro snare boosted 200hz or whatevs, probably hi cut, layered with clap tail probably low cut

1 Find a gun
2 Record yourself shooting a child or small animal
3 chuck it into a sampler
4 Voila

Seriously though, just find some recorded gunshots and put them where your snares would go.

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