Gurnum - icarus [ep][garage][dubstep]

Self released a new ep today!
Really thankful for all the headz back at the old forum!
Without u guys I wouldn’t be at it today!

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nice, midnight toker is slinky winky !

subtle pads too, ghostly :slight_smile:

dark skies is a bit of a roller, not to many elements which is nice sometimes :slight_smile:

intro on dont is cool, like unite burial,

sleeper is a bit like raver by burial i think too, tonally :slight_smile: nice !

what program do you produce in >?

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thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I use ableton

Really good, Midnight Toker without a doubt the best of the lot, tight and heavy with depth to the atmosphere (like a more uptempo Burial).

The other tracks are interesting but could do with more of the punch of that track to make them more ‘present’… if I was baked I’d probably forget I was listening to something, though maybe that’s the vibe you’re going for, who knows.

Yeah great stuff though so keep it! Midnight Toker could do with a little more balance between the drums and the other elements to really polish it, they sound a teeny bit overpowering compared to everything else. Try changing the levels while running it all through a valve compressor (emulator) to balance and blend it all.

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