G'waan (clip). Feedback appreciated

Been trying to put most of my spare time into beats lately.

Feeling it still, really like the shuffly hi hats

this is nice and chill man, loving the solid sub… maybe add some crunch 2 a few things up here and there if you havent, give certain elements different textures and all that

nice sub

This one vibes. Especially like your percussive elements. I do think maybe the kick could come through a bit harder, maybe just turn it up, maybe sidechain the sub, maybe do both. Also, maybe have the second kick (the one at 2.5) in each bar, where applicable, a little quieter.
Would be nice to have more of an outro too, maybe just an extension without the sub and filtering the drums out or something.
Big ups

yh if I was to find a sticking point it’d be the kick but it’s only minor

Thanks heaps guys! Much appreciated.