Gypsy Danger - Rime [bass]

Chune for the holidays from us. Feedback/opinions are always greatly appreciated. Cheers everyone!

Well damn. Right off the bat, the fullness of the soundscape, the sound design and detail overall sounds top notch. Love the attention to detail in the atmosphere with the noise effects and crackles. That percussion part at 1min holy crap. What even is that? You are starting to appeal to my old love for complex progressive metal with all these cool changes in sounds and intricate details. Did you design your own sounds here? The transitions are also great. I love how everything really sounds unique, like these aren’t just the same presets you hear everywhere. I think they only real criticism I would have is it doesn’t seem to have much of a hook, and it changes maybe too much. I really don’t mind that because I was a prog metal head, and we are all about that. But thinking towards the general listening public, it may be something that doesnt appeal as much. Well done!

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Re: sound design

We design and record most of our own synths/sounds, including the majority of the FX and the main drum hits as well, although I believe the that tuned percussion at 1 minute was a preset from NI Reaktor’s Steampipe II that we tweaked a bunch. If you want to know what any of the sounds are in particular, or how we achieved them, I wouldn’t mind explaining any of it.

Re: lack of hook, frequent changes

The lack of hook and frequency in changes is kind of an issue. I wanted to use as much original material here with this song as possible but for some reason we couldn’t seem to find a sample, loop, or hook that worked for this song and glued it all together. We tried a variety of whispering vocals and other winter-y stuff but it all ended up really sounding really cringey. Eventually it just kind of sat like this and we decided it was either good enough or it perhaps will evolve later into something that could appeal to the general public, perhaps a VIP with a more americanized EDM style intro with some cheesy dj vocal loops.

Thanks so much for your kind words and taking the time to listen to our song. If you have some music of any kind available I would be very happy to check it out.

You’re welcome for the feedback! I did actually just post a song in the forum called Tidal Theory. I usually try to leave feedback on at least a few other tracks that haven’t gotten much attention before I post my own. I’d love to hear your thoughts though!

Big ups, I will check it out right now.