Hampshire/South Coast events?

Just moved to Southampton and I’m already sick of the generic club music bs, does anyone know of any good events/venues? Anything deep and dark


There’s frequently good stuff happening at Patterns down there. Snoop around soundcloud and places like that for producers in the area, see if they’ve got anything going on.

I live in Southampton and there is nothing good going on here. The only venue to consistently have good nights has closed down (Soul Cellar - I think it has been converted to a ‘fringe theatre’ now). There is the odd good lineup at Switch and Junk but it is very rare (a few times a year), and they will generally have bigger DJs (ie if it’s a drum & bass night it will be like Andy C or a Hospitality night).

I mostly travel up to Bristol and London for nights out. As someone else said Brighton can be good as well. Southampton can be good for gigs but for good club nights, forget it. The audience just isn’t there, no-one knows about the music we like because they are never exposed to it. Tell someone you like dubstep and they will think you mean Skrillex, or that you are some kind of chav. I would probably never have discovered dubstep / techno . house etc if I had not moved away for uni.