Hang Drum (Multi-samples)

Hey all!

New forum, new start and I thought I’d come in on a high note and bring you all some free-to-download Hang samples courtesy of Andreas Bick :smile:


Enjoy folks! :smiley:


Thanks! New samples are always welcome!

do these work in live 9? read the “how to” for mac but it only mentions logic.

just checked they work on mind, using live 9 on windows

i just put them into my samples my usual way and didn’t read the info tbh

they’re just wavs, so yes they’ll work in pretty much any daw/sampler.


Sick I night use these on a sound track to a video my friend is making

Actually I deffo will.

It’s all good guys! It’s been said in the thread but there are the wav files in the package that you can just drag and drop into a sampler and play away to your heart’s content :slight_smile:

They also pitch up and down really well (at least in Ableton) so you can scale and pitch it to your liking :slight_smile:

Lovely stuff. Well excited to have a play. Love the hang drum. A guy was playing one in a square in Barcelona a couple years back and I sat and watched for like am hour before throwing all my Euros at him