Harmonic wobble

Hay Guys !

So I heard that kind of sound in a lot of tunes latley, its like a oldschool kinda wobble bass with some more harmonics ? I really dont know how to make it sound so “melodic” any tips ?

the wobble starts around 1:15

ty all :wink:

Are you talking about the sub wobble? Just take some tube distortion to a sine wave

sounds like the source is two basic waves in massive a couple octaves apart with parabolic shaper.

Then some sort of filter (scream?) and probs a shitton more disto.

yea generally two sines a few octaves apart with distortion and make that basic screech sound. obviously theres and enveloped filter on it too

I forget what Bangarang track that comes from but I think there is a decent tutorial floating around.