Have u ever made hihats as good as in mala-learn

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Mala in Peru < Mala in Brixton


too loud and tinny imo

dbridge is worth studying fi dis

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fight me

I once remade Mala - Learn in 10mins and it was practically indistinguishable from the original but then I deleted it.


we could make some sick hihat packs both sample and real ones

I like Learn until the geezer with the recorder comes in lol

is it two different hi hats delayed to get that tap tap, then messing with the sync/feedback to get them to feel like they’re swinging out of time

ye its something like that, not sure but i think theres a phaser on one or both of them too

“I once remade skream - filth but I lost the project file”

  • sonika

I once made sonika then lost him, he got out into the wild

Grown in fruityloops in a vat of lysergic


I love hihats but I always sort of struggled with them. Either not being satisfied with the sample and changing it 20 times over the course of making a tune, or finding a balance between them being too busy or too sparse. They can make or break a tune imo. I hate hihats.

I hated hihats too. Then I just said fuck it and made house music instead and now I just use 808/909s on everything

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Big fan of hi hats

I like listening to something and the song making me question wether the hi-hats were played by a drummer or not.

May not be to everyone’s taste but I think this is v well produced and the hats in this are godly (in my opinion.)

I like digital/drum machine hats a lot too… The Chord Marauders crew usually release stuff with v tight percussion/hats, particularly geode imo.

Some of my fav hats Geode has done

When I’m making something I usually like to have a closed hihat and open that are the same hat/from the same drum machine so they match, I then usually have like 5 different tracks in logic with differing volumes and the beginning of the hihat cut off at different lengths. Once I’ve got this I try and fashion them into something that sounds alright lol.

Probs my best example of hats below



hats are teh best thing

this one

arghhh, theyre alive

and ofc in hiphop, all about hat grooves


FaltyDL knows whas up

the world wasn’t ready

yeah man hes the first person i think of for sick percussion tbh