Headland appreciation


Man hasn’t got a thread yet but he should have…recently released on innamind imrv020, apparently he’s sitting on bare dubs, here’s a new one


His latest innamind record was insane. Love the tunes on there


28:45 tho


New one

Listen to Headland - Mod Sod by Headland #np on #SoundCloud


I’m still in love with this tune from him




New stuff in here…




deathbed :gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger:




Headland sounds like an American brothel


Damn need to go to a brothel here then. I love his sound


The name i meant.


The release will come, when n where i don’t know but its incoming!


is it wishful thinking or do you have actual info?

not sure how reliable my info is but i heard different, that it was going to stay a dub because of sample clearance issues


Yesterday I asked him on facebook messenger about it and the answer was positive. he’s pretty cool he answered me quickly. but it’s too early to know a label and a date, lets wait few months more to get some official infos :slight_smile:



here’s hoping its not signed on deep medi tho :badteeth:


Lol yes totally agree ^^
I asked to deep medi on facebook if the Commodo will see the light of day this year or the next one… no answer at all yet